Preserve North Dakota Social Community

Tired of being censored? Banned? Deleted?

While there are rules to abide by, you can chat without having to worry about being put in jail again for a joke, comment, or FACTS!

Preserve North Dakota Social Community

Chat with people in your county

As a memmber at Preserve North Dakota you can chat, get invitations to events, join groups, share information, jokes, memes and have a good time!

# Defend North Dakota

Get informed, Get Involved

Visit our research web at, we have gathered information from all over the internet and brought it all to one website. We have it made it easy for you to contact government officials, look up legislative bills, and find your district representatives. You can also search for such things as your county Ag Extension Officer, Highway Department, District States Attorney and County/City Commissioners and meetings.

Defend North Dakota
Restore North Dakota


Video Channel is a video channel where we can share education, information, podcasts and much more. Have you been recording videos on your phone talking about how to garden in ND? Upload it and share it with others! Want to share a video on the constitution, second amendment rights or how to run for political office? Upload it! Any topic that is educational or relates to ND can be uploaded and shared. 

# Make North Dakota great

Help us grow!

We would like to thank you for being a valued part of the Defend North Dakota family and we know that you are dedicated to investing in our great state of North Dakota. Because of your history with our community, we’d love to invite you to get involved further.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for your generosity and support to make North Dakota great!